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Dr. Samantha Wilson Murfree

Dr. Samantha W. Murfree is the founder of the Prevailing Woman Ministries, Inc., a 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation. Samantha is native of Georgetown, MS. She is a teacher, speaker, exhorter and communicator of God’s Word and the author of The Prevailing Woman: A Devotional. Samantha has served in various ministry capacities for over 20 years utilizing her spirituals gifts. She is very relational and enjoys connecting with other women for fellowship, spiritual growth and development, as well as mentoring. She infuses her experiences through her teachings and believes that she connects best when she can share her life experiences as a testimony. She is a member of Beulahland Bible Church in Macon, Georgia where she has served as the Director of the New Members Ministry, serves in the Marriage and Relationship Ministry as well as being involved with the Women of Grace Ministry.

Dr. Murfree possesses a BA in Psychology from Tougaloo College and is a Life Time Member of Tougaloo College National Alumni Association; has a Master of Arts degree in Educational and Counseling Psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and Ph.D. in Counseling and Student Personnel Services from the University of Georgia. She has held credentialing as a GA Licensed Professional Counselor, and retired National Certified Counselor. Dr. Murfree is an educator and administrator with over 22 plus years of higher education experience from four institutions of higher learning. She has been married to Dr. Joshua William Murfree, Jr. for 11 years.

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