About Us

The Mission

To declare freedom and victory over the enemy utilizing the Word of God to help women overcome, conquer, and prevail.

The Purpose

Prevailing Woman Ministries exists to encourage, inspire, implore, and motivate women in their spiritual, personal, and professional lives. We want women to know that they have the ability and power to prevail over any circumstance or situation through Christ Jesus. This ministry is designed to minister to women from all walks of life, whether women find themselves in a desperate situation, have carried the weight of some burdens for many years, need deliverance, healing, setting free, or faith to trust God to overcome.

In the Beginning…

After moving back to Albany, GA in 2010 to join her husband, Dr. Samantha W. Murfree was invited to be the guest speaker for a Woman’s Day program at the church her husband attended, which later became her church. The pastor selected “The Prevailing Woman” as the theme of the Women’s Day event and it was also the focus of the message she delivered. The scriptural reference was Matthew 15:21-28, which focused on this nameless woman in scripture who desperately sought out Jesus and persistently pleaded with Him to heal her demon-possessed daughter. Her persistence and faith compelled Jesus to heal her daughter. This nameless woman was the Prevailing Woman! The message and theme stayed in Samantha’s heart from that point forward. She realized that she knew countless women prevailing over a multitude of circumstances and that the Bible presented many examples. Most importantly, Samantha realized that she too was a Prevailing Woman.

PWM Today…

Prevailing Woman Ministries, Inc. (PWM) was officially established on April 26, 2018 as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. We are governed by a Board of Directors and have a number of volunteers who assist in carrying out the mission and vision of the ministry. Since our establishment, PWM has hosted conferences, ministry events for women, numerous outreach to women in shelters, panel discussions, and provide prayer support. We have helped countless of women we may never meet, many of whom are challenged by a variety of circumstances, such as homelessness, domestic violence, depression, sexual violation, broken hearts, and those battling breast cancer. We do on-going outreach to women locally and in the middle Georgia area. Our signature outreach initiative is the PWM Gift Box, which is customized with empowering and inspirational messages that serve to encourage women on their journey. The PWM Gift Boxes usually contain toiletries, scripture cards, feminine hygiene products, lip balm, and other items based upon the population we are serving. The message to every woman is that they can overcome, conquer, and prevail, in Jesus’s Name. We remind them to Keep Prevailing! We acknowledge their outer and inner beauty. We affirm their identity as a Prevailing Woman, regardless of where they are or what they have experienced. We give them tangible items to assist them with some basic needs. We have a partnership with the Crisis Line and Safehouse of Middle GA and regularly donate gift boxes to them. We have gone to minister and bless women at the local Rescue Mission women’s center, the Salvation Army, and Day Break. We have donated to Loaves and Fishes and sponsored Single Moms at Thanksgiving. Additionally, we have provided gift boxes to the Navicent Health Breast Cancer Center for women taking chemotherapy during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Prevailing Woman Ministries
We Overcome. We Conquer. We Prevail.


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