The Prevailing Woman A Devotional: A Woman’s Journey Toward Overcoming, Conquering, and Prevailing

You are a Prevailing Woman! You are not prevailing alone. There is a sisterhood of women from all walks of life who are prevailing together. We share commonalities in the obstacles we have faced and in the victories we have won. We gain strength from one another. When one sister prevails, we all prevail. The Prevailing Woman’s Devotional is inspirational and thought provoking. It is designed to help you confront a variety of areas in your life. The confrontation may not be pretty but is necessary for you to experience the victory that God has promised to each of us. You will be challenged to persevere against all odds. The Prevailing Woman’s Devotional will encourage your faith and compel you to press ahead.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit and truth of God’s Word, you will recognize your power and capacity to prevail over and against any circumstances or situations that would hinder you from fulfilling your God-ordained purpose. This book is perfect for individual study and reflection, one-on-one accountability, as well as for a women’s Bible study group. Allow God to transform your thinking and penetrate the deep places in your heart as you endeavor to be victorious over anything the enemy tries to wield over you. You will gain the confidence to declare that you can overcome, conquer, and prevail in any area of your life.

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